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Design and implementation of an automated control system of revenue and traffic of the telecommunication / ICT operators

Background and rationale

Telecommunications in Côte d' Ivoire, represent a dynamic sector that contributes significantly to the productivity of the economy. Since its liberalization in 1995, this sector has experienced exceptional growth. This growth involves important issues of which the actual mastery of the volume of telephone traffic and the connected incomes.

Indeed, the turnover reported by telephone operators is largely a result of revenues from domestic traffic while revenue from international traffic are not mastered. For 2013, the total turnover of the market for fixed and mobile telephony was over 920 billion CFA francs for a number of more than 19.3 million mobile subscribers and a number of fixed subscribers about 272 thousand.

The specificity of the Ivorian market is that 99 % of mobile subscribers are prepaid subscribers and the revenues they generate are not subject necessarily to accounting documents likely to be verified by the appropriate services (taxes) . They represent on average 70% of the total revenues of mobile operators. It is likely that the non- mastery of these revenues negatively impact the tax base of VAT and other taxes and causing a loss to the state.

To overcome this deficiency, the tax schedule of 2011, in its Article 32, introduced a tax on telecommunications. This tax rate of 5% in 2014, sits on the annual turnover duty free of telephone companies established in Côte d' Ivoire. The revenue from the tax is partly used to finance actions of traffic control and the fight against fraud in telecommunications.

Objectives of the mission

The main objective of the mission is to design and implement an automated control system :

a) of the revenues of telecom operators (mobile and fixed ) and the value of transactions related to " Mobile Money " including money transfer , electronic payment of goods and services , etc. . ;

b) of the whole voice , data, SMS , MMS , USSD traffic and volume of transactions related to " Mobile Money " of telecom operators (mobile and fixed ).

The income concerned by the control are those from namely:

a) communications of fixed and mobile Prepaid subscribers;

b) communications of fixed and mobile postpaid subscribers;

c ) transactions related to "Money Mobile " of subscribers;

d) the interconnection traffic and incoming international traffic ;

e) roaming customer visitors.

Activities to be undertaken

The following activities should be undertaken to achieve the objectives of the mission.

a) Carry out a study on the inventory of network infrastructure of telecom operators in order to design the control system of revenue and traffic;

b ) provide and install all equipment and applications required for the control of the traffic and revenue of telecom operators ;

c) Carry out functional reliability, security and robustness testing of the system and the acceptance of all the facilities;

d) Provide for the training and provide for assistance necessary for the use of the system by the designated resource persons.

The Telecommunications / ICT Regulatory Body is inviting interested companies or groups to express their interest in providing the services described above .

Profiles of consultants

This consultation targets companies specialized in telecommunications / ICT (engineering, solutions integration, etc. . .).

The Consultant shall meet the following requirements:
a) have proven expertise in the Telecommunications / ICT ;

b ) have at least five (05 ) years of experience in the management and conduct and / or projects of similar complexity ;

c) have a qualified staff especially experts , graduates of higher education with good knowledge of Telecommunications / ICT, telecommunications networks (equipment, communications protocols , etc. . ) and experience in similar projects or of similar complexity .

The bidder , if an Individual Consultant, must necessarily be in conjunction with an integrator of telecom solutions or have the necessary technical partnerships duly justified with manufacturers or integrators of telecom solutions in the framework of this mission.

The companies or groups concerned must also provide information and evidence indicating that they are qualified to perform those services include:

- Brochures describing the overall experience;

- References on experience in execution of similar contracts (similar projects);

- Human resources to be mobilized.

Conditions for participation

The Expressions of interest written in French must be filed no later than MAY 22, 2014 at 11:00 am Time of Abidjan, to the address mentioned below in a sealed envelope marked: “The Expression of Interest for the design and implementation of an automated control system of revenue and traffic of telecommunication / ICT operators". The Expressions of interest must be received five (05) copies, one original and encrypted electronic version to the address below:

The Telecommunications/ITC Regulatory Body of Côte d’Ivoire (ARTCI)
Marcory Anoumabo, 18 BP 2203 Abidjan 18, Côte d’Ivoire
Department of Allocations of Resources and Controls (DACO)
Building A, 1st Floor, Door 22
Mr. APATA Jean Paul, Project Manager
Head of the Normalization Service, Approval and Allocation of Resources,
Email :  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Tel : +225 20 34 43 68, Fax : +225 20 34 43 75

Applicants to the Notice for Expression of Interest will from April 22, 2014 to May 22 2014 from 9:00 to 11:30.

- Either withdraw the Call for Expression of Interest file and the information file to the address mentioned above;

- Request the sending of the Call for Expression of Interest file and the information file by email to an address that will be communicated.

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