Specific Absorption Rate

What is the Specific Absorption Rate?

The term "Specific Absorption Rate" of energy (SAR) of the rate at which energy is produced by equipment absorbed per unit mass of body tissue and measured the whole body or on one of its parts. This is an index that measures the level of radiation that the mobile emits towards the user when operating at full power in the worst conditions of use and is used to define the basic restrictions within the thresholds of human exposure to electromagnetic fields. It cannot be measured directly in the organism. It is estimated from theoretical calculations and is expressed as power absorbed per kilogram of tissue (W / kg for watts per kilogram) or SI.m2.s-3.  


  Is there an inspection of the SAR of the mobile phones used in Côte d’Ivoire?

ATCI does not measure the specific absorption rate of mobile phones. These measurements are carried out in laboratory and require very sophisticated equipment. The manufacturer, however, discloses that the DAS of the terminal that it markets. The local SAR in the head and entire body often appears legible and visible in the operating manual of mobile phones. This information can also be found in the on-line catalogs of the manufacturers or the forum of mobile manufacturers.
For equipment subject to approval ATCI whether verifies their SAR value is consistent with the recommendations of the ICPNIR before granting license.

The thresholds recommended by ICPNIR for SAR are :
Whole body SAR <0.08 W / kg
Local SAR head and trunk <2 W / kg
Local SAR members <4 W /kg


Effects of waves

What are the possible effects of waves on the human body? When the body is exposed to RF fields, it gradually absorbs energy. Determine the amount of radiofrequency energy an individual absorbs every day is not obvious because the exposure depends on many factors, including distance between the persons from the different sources. The strength of a field decreases rapidly with distance, meaning that a person can absorb more energy from a device used at close quarters - a cell phone held in hand, for example - that a more powerful source, like a radio transmission tower, which is farther away.

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